Best PvP Games to Play on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Looking for a list of web3 games to play? Check out our list of the top player-versus-player BSC games you should try today!

May 6, 2024
Best PvP Games to Play on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Level up your web3 gaming experience in 2024 with player-versus-player (PvP) games on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the leading blockchain gaming platform. Over the last couple of years BSC has positioned itself as the ideal L1 platform for gaming applications. Through its innovations and brand value, BSC offers three of the most desired traits that gaming developers are looking for – high performance, low costs, and vibrant community.

When you engage in PvP games on BSC, you're not just facing predetermined outcomes set by a program; instead, you're competing against real players, each with their own strategies, skills, and unpredictability. This adds an element of excitement and challenge that algorithm-based games may lack.

In this guide, we explore a list of the top PvP games on Binance Smart Chain that you should try today. But before that…

How to Get Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for Games?


Here’s a general idea how to get Binance Smartchain (BSC):

  1. Deposit to your wallet (Trust Wallet, Gem Wallet, Metamask)
  2. Get it on an exchange
  3. Buy via Moonpay

How to Deposit BSC Into Gaming Wallet to Start Playing Games?

After getting Binance Smart Chain (BSC), here’s how you can deposit into your gaming wallet. Using your web3 wallet’s in-app browser, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Rollspace, click on “CONNECT” to link your wallet, best-pvp-games-to-play-on-binance-smart-chain-bsc-2.png
  2. Select your wallet, then click “SIGN” in the next screen that appears. Access your gaming wallet by clicking on the currency in the top right corner,
  3. Specify the BNB amount for deposit in the next screen and click "DEPOSIT,” best-pvp-games-to-play-on-binance-smart-chain-bsc-3.png
  4. Confirm the transaction by clicking “CONFIRM

Next up is a list of games you can play on Binance Smart Chain. Detailed instructions on how to engage with each BSC PvP game listed below can be found on their respective pages on Rollspace.

Best 3 PvP Games to Play on BSC Blockchain

Player versus Player (PvP) games have become a popular trend on the BSC blockchain, offering the thrill of competing against friends or global players directly, rather than against a programmed algorithm. Engage in these games and earn BSC tokens as you battle it out for victory. Explore our curated list of the best PvP games to play on BSC below:

1. Play YOLO and Earn BSC


YOLO is an engaging multiplayer game where players can wager BNB (the native token in the BNB ecosystem) into a shared pot before the timer expires. Once time is up, the wheel starts spinning.

In a suspenseful moment, players eagerly watch as the wheel gradually slows down until it stops. Whoever it lands on, takes the entire pot home. Evidently, the bigger the value of your stake, the greater your odds of winning it all. At the conclusion of each round, a completely random number is generated to determine the victor. Only one player emerges as the winner. There are no prizes for second place.

How to Play YOLO on BSC?

Before getting started, it’s essential to keep in mind that in YOLO, your win chance is directly proportional to your stake in the overall pot. Let’s illustrate this with an example using a pot of 100 BNB:

  • Player 1 wagers 40 BNB (40%)
  • Player 2 wagers 30 BNB (30%)
  • Player 3 wagers 20 BNB (20%)
  • Player 4 wagers 10 BNB (10%)

The YOLO wheel provides a visual representation of these percentages – Player 1's segment nearly covers half of the wheel, whereas Player 4's segment is noticeably smaller.

To get started, use the in-app browser of your web3 wallet, navigate to Rollspace and select “YOLO” from our game options.

Next, enter the desired BNB amount for the round and click “BET” to confirm your entry. Follow the prompts in your wallet app to complete the process.

Ensure your transactions are finalized before the round timer reaches zero, as any transactions completed after the time expires will not go through.

2. Play Crash Game on BSC


Crash, also known as crash games or multiplier games, is a simple game of chance where the player picks the cashout amount for a betting round as an icon representing a rocket flies through a grid. The cashout amount climbs until the rocket 'crashes', and as long as the player's cashout amount is lower than the crash value, the player can win a payout.

How to Play Crash Multiplayer Game on BSC

Crash is a classic luck-based type of game that is easy to get started with, even for beginner players not familiar with casino games.

Since it’s entirely a game of chance, successful strategies revolve around how players place their bets. Players betting on low cashout values seek more stable payouts while those aiming at higher cashout values target greater return in a single round, with more unpredictable gameplay.

The concept of Crash gaming is simple: every 1 minute after a round of Crash is played, players can wager on their expected cash out value for the next round. This amount determines when the player will cash out before the rocket 'crashes'. If the player reaches this cashout value during a round, they receive a payout based on it. However, if the rocket crashes below their chosen value, the player loses that round’s bet.

One of the exciting features of Crash is that it is a real-time multiplayer game. Each round remains identical for all active players during that specific time, with a dynamic leaderboard showcasing everyone’s bets for that round.

With the live community playing this game of chance, provably fair gameplay, and a huge maximum cash out value, Crash is surely a casino game to try out for new players!

3. Play Coin Flip on BSC


Coin Flip is a popular crypto game, embraced by those seeking both random decisions and the thrill of luck! On Rollspace, you can play Coin Flip and earn BSC by competing against your friends or other players in session. A simple coin flip could yield substantial crypto rewards in BNB.

How to Play Coin Flip PvP on BSC

Coin Flip games are attractive because they’re simple to understand and play. In the traditional version, players predict the outcome of a coin toss by choosing between “Heads” or “Tails” and placing a wager accordingly. If the coin lands on Heads and you predicted that, you win. If the coin goes Tails, you lose.

However, with the new PvP mode on Rollspace, Coin Flip transforms into a multiplayer experience where you compete against other players rather than solely relying on luck against an algorithm.

For instance, imagine participating in a Coin Flip round with 5 players. If 3 players, including yourself, predict “Heads” and the remaining 2 predict “Tails,” and the coin indeed lands on “Heads,” the 3 predicting players win and claim the pot from the 2 who predicted otherwise. The distribution of rewards is based on each player’s bet amount.

This adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy as you strive to outwit your opponents and claim victory.

Best Upcoming PvP Games on BSC

Here are four upcoming player-versus-players games that promise more excitement, competition, and strategic gameplay experiences on Binance Smart Chain:

1. Plinko game in PvP mode on BSC


Plinko crypto also known as Bitcoin Plinko is a game of true pharaohs and a captivating gambling pyramid. While its rules remain very simple, the gameplay is profoundly emotional. Once the Plinko ball is launched from above, the urge to land it in the desired cell grips you instantly.

Soon, Plinko will transform into a PvP game on BSC, adding an exciting competitive element. Players will be able to compete against each other in real-time sessions, intensifying the thrill and challenge of the game. Stay tuned for the upcoming Plinko PvP mode on Rollspace, and get ready to earn BSC in the ultimate showdown!

2. Limbo multiplayer game on BSC


Limbo is an engaging online casino game on BSC where players predict whether the next number shown on the screen will be higher or lower than their prediction. It's a straightforward and exciting game that's easy to play and offers substantial rewards.

If your prediction is right and the number is higher, you’ll win back your stake times the multiplier you predicted. However, if the number is lower, you will lose your bet along with your stake. It really is that straightforward.

Just like Plinko, Limbo will evolve into an online PvP game on BSC, enhancing the gameplay experience even further. Players will be able to compete against each other in real-time sessions, adding an interactive and competitive element to the game. Get ready to test your skills against friends or other players and aim for victory in Llimbo's upcoming PvP mode!

3. Dice in PvP mode on BSC


Dice is another engaging game on BSC that offers you the chance of winning big, without having any skills whatsoever! The beauty of this game is that it's available to players of all experience ranges and you can compete against your friends or other players around the world in real-time.

The individual dice themselves are small cubes, with dots on each of the six faces of the cube. One face has one dot, another two dots, and all the way up to six dots. When you roll a dice, whichever side of the cube is facing up once it stands still is the numerical value you've rolled.

In the PvP version of Dice, you will engage directly with another player to predict the result of the dice roll. Each player selects their preferred number and bets accordingly. The game calculates the probability of winning based on the chosen numbers.

Playing Dice against other players on BSC will be fun, with players keen to test their luck on a roll.

4. Keno PvP Game on BSC


Keno is a lottery-style game originating from China. Keno rules are very similar to games like Lotto. It involves picking numbers and hoping they match some of the numbers drawn at random.

Keno will soon introduce a PvP aspect on BSC, adding a competitive twist to this classic game. Players will be able to compete directly against each other instead of relying solely on luck against the algorithm. They can strategize to select the winning numbers and claim victory, earning BSC along the way. Stay tuned for the upcoming PvP mode in Keno on BSC!

Why Should You Play PvP Games on BSC?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) operates as the programmable layer within the BNB ecosystem, utilizing a Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism. This innovative approach ensures rapid block times of just 3 seconds while maintaining low transaction fees.

Furthermore, currently, BSC has the lowest gas fees among L1s with <$0.03. In 2023, BSC successfully increased its gas limit to an impressive 140M, surpassing Ethereum's capacity by 4.6 times. This expansion in capacity enables BSC to easily process spikes in transaction demand without escalating gas fees. For example, on December 7, 2023, when BSC processed a record 32 million transactions in a single day, the average gas price was approximately 3.7 Gwei.

Games on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are so great that not only have fun but also make you earn simultaneously. Start earning BSC with PvP games now!

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