Best 5 Projects to Follow on Blast L2

We explore some potentially promising Blast L2 projects in the Blast's Big Bang competition.

February 28, 2024
Best 5 Projects to Follow on Blast L2

As the world of blockchain continues to evolve, the rise of Layer-2 (L2) solutions has sparked a new wave of innovation, particularly in decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming. Among these L2 platforms, Blast emerges as a promising EVM-compatible Layer-2 blockchain, heralding a new era of opportunity for a host of crypto projects.

Launched by Pacman, the visionary behind the renowned NFT marketplace Blur, Blast has swiftly captured the attention of the crypto community. Since its inception, Blast has garnered significant traction, amassing an impressive $611 million in deposits through its groundbreaking "lockdrop" campaign, demonstrating the widespread interest and anticipation surrounding its offerings.

In this blog post, we dive into five projects building on Blast, each aiming to uniquely position themselves to take advantage of the ecosystem's capabilities. From established infrastructure layers aiming to streamline user experience to trading protocols seeking to redefine leverage, these projects signal that Blast may truly be an exciting new paradigm for DeFi.

Unveiling The Best Projects to Follow on Blast L2

Blast L2 is not just a promising Ethereum-based blockchain; it's also home to a vibrant GameFi ecosystem that offers users a diverse array of gaming experiences and opportunities. The following are some of the best projects ready to take off on Blast L2 in 2024:

1. Pac Finance: Lending and DeFi hub on Blast


Pac Finance is another project at the forefront as the inaugural DeFi hub on the Blast network, embodying the principles of non-custodial and permissionless financial operations. At its core, Pac Finance integrates three fundamental functionalities: Lending, Swap, and Staking. These services are designed to cater to a wide array of financial needs within the decentralized finance ecosystem, ensuring flexibility and efficiency for our users.

2. ThrusterFi


Thruster Finance is a decentralized degen-first native DEX bringing the best of DeFi to the Blast ecosystem. Thruster integrates the entire lifespan of a token—from zero to hero—into one protocol. For developers, Thruster supports exclusive fair launch mechanics and token management tools built by DeFi’s best; and for general users, Thruster supports advantageous yield and LP opportunities, built-in social and analytic features, and an easy trading experience. With all this in mind, Thruster aims to be the home of liquidity and trading for Blast’s core and long-tail assets.

3. Blaster Swap


Blaster Swap is a decentralized exchange built natively on the Blast L2 network. Trade, earn, launch new tokens, and gamble with a full gas refund, while farming both $BLAST and $BLSTR rewards!

4. CryptoValleys


At its core, Crypto Valleys is a DeFi game with elements inspired by Gacha games. It's a straightforward yet richly layered game in which players engage in farming, crafting, exploring, and trading, all while earning YIELD and developing their own Valley.

The full deployment of Crypto Valleys will be divided into two distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Focuses on distributing YIELD and offers intuitive gameplay for both the everyday gamer and your good ol’ DeFi degen.
  • Phase 2: Introduces advanced gameplay mechanics, aiming to balance YIELD and the game’s economic stability.

If you are into gaming you should check out the best games to play on Blast L2.

5. Particle Trade


Particle Trade aims to become the Uniswap of leverage trading. It's an audacious goal, but they have some believers with backers, including Polychain Capital and Neon DAO, along with industry titan Arthur Hayes.

The platform’s novelty comes from its Leverage AMM (LAMM) protocol, designed to enable leverage trading for any token by allowing users to borrow directly from concentrated liquidity pools, such as those on Uniswap V3.


With the markets heating up and investors chasing the next hot narrative, Blast keeps attracting attention, and funds, from the crypto community. Furthermore, the layer-2 space is becoming increasingly competitive, with numerous layer-2 mainnet launches from Consensys, Coinbase, BNB Chain, ZkSync and more.

Rollspace is set to join the ranks of projects on Blast L2, further enriching the ecosystem and paving the way for a new era of decentralized gaming experiences.


Stay tuned to Rollspace Twitter for more updates as we unveil the future of gaming on the blockchain.

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