Top Games to Play When Bored

Beat boredom with our curated list of best games to play. Choose from exciting multiplayer options or relax with single-player challenges.

July 5, 2024
Top Games to Play When Bored

Beat boredom and earn crypto? Yes, please! Rollspace offers a variety of engaging games that let you unwind and potentially earn some Ethereum (ETH) or Binance Coin (BNB) along the way. Whether you love the thrill of multiplayer games or the focus of single-player challenges, these games are perfect for beating boredom.

General Games to Beat Boredom

Before diving into the unique offerings of Rollspace, let’s look at some popular non-crypto games that people typically play to combat boredom:


  • Sudoku: A classic number puzzle game that sharpens your mind and provides endless entertainment. It’s perfect for short breaks or extended sessions.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: Assemble pieces to form a complete picture. It’s a relaxing activity that can keep you engaged for hours.

Strategy Games

  • Chess: This timeless game of strategy and skill is perfect for those who enjoy a mental challenge. You can play against friends or an AI opponent.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: A fun and engaging tower defense game where you strategize to protect your home from waves of zombies using different plants.

Rollspace's Advantage: Play-to-Earn Games

Now, let's see how Rollspace stands out by offering not just fun games but also the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency (or "crypto" for short) while you play!

Multiplayer Games To Beat Boredom

Compete against real players and spice up your break with the chance to earn crypto!

Note: Winners take the pot from those who didn't predict correctly, with rewards distributed based on each winner's entry amount.

Coin Flip


It's quick, fun, and you can play with crypto to earn more. Coin Flip is perfect for a short break that could add some extra ETH or BNB to your wallet.

Predicting the outcome of a coin toss by guessing “Heads” or “Tails” is simple and offers immediate results. It's a fun way to test your luck, unwind, and potentially earn some crypto.



Thrilling and suspenseful, Crash games keep you on the edge of your seat as you guess when the rocket will crash by predicting the multiplier. If your guess is close, you win based on your entry amount.

The anticipation of the crash keeps you hooked, and a successful prediction can add some serious crypto to your wallet.



Classic and straightforward, Dice is easy to understand and play. You and other players guess the outcome of a dice roll.

It's a familiar game with a crypto twist, making it a fun way to unwind and potentially earn some extra ETH or BNB.

YOLO (You Only Live Once)


High-risk, high-reward. YOLO is perfect for those who love taking risks and potentially earning big with crypto! The secret is making bold entry amounts as this boost your odds of winning.

Single Player Games to Beat Boredom

Looking for a relaxing challenge on your own? Here are some more games with a chance to earn crypto!

Note: All these single player games yield completely randomized outcomes, ensuring a fair gaming experience.



Fun and visually engaging, Plinko is great for a quick distraction. Watch the balls drop and see where they land, potentially adding some crypto to your wallet along the way.

It's a visually satisfying way to unwind, and every win can earn you crypto without needing any special skills.



Easy and familiar, Keno is similar to lottery games. Pick your lucky numbers and see if they match the draw, potentially earning you some crypto!



Simple and fast-paced, Limbo is perfect for quick challenges. You select a Target Multiplier. This target is the number you will need to either match or exceed in order to secure a win.

It's a quick and exciting way to test your luck, with the chance to win some crypto if you play it smart.

How to Get Started

Ready to unwind, have some fun, and potentially earn crypto?

  1. Visit Rollspace and select your preferred game.
  2. Connect a web3 wallet like Trust Wallet or MetaMask.
  3. Deposit crypto (ETH or BNB) and start playing.


Enjoy the thrill of the game and the lazy way to earn cryptocurrencies while having a blast.

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