How Influencers Can Earn Crypto with Play-to-Earn Referrals

Are you an influencer or streamer on Kick or Twitch? Earn ETH, BNB, or Blast ETH by inviting your audience to play games.

June 2, 2024
How Influencers Can Earn Crypto with Play-to-Earn Referrals

Did you know the Web3 gaming market is expected to reach $50 billion by 2026? Are you an influencer, Kick or Twitch streamer looking for innovative ways to connect with your audience and earn new income streams? Rollspace, a leading GameFi platform, allows you to do both! This guide will show you how to leverage Rollspace's referral program to build a thriving community around exciting, play-to-earn games, all while earning valuable rewards in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) on Blast L2 or Mode Network, Binance Smart Chain (BNB) or Base from Coinbase.

Overview of Rollspace

Rollspace is an innovative Web3 GameFi platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Blast L2, Base Chain, and Mode Network, offering users the opportunity to earn crypto rewards in ETH, BNB, and Blast ETH by playing games.

Unlike traditional games, Rollspace introduces player versus player (PvP) or multiplayer games where users compete against each other, not against algorithms, adding an extra layer of excitement and earning potential.

Getting started is simple – Earn crypto in 3 steps:

  1. Go to Rollspace
  2. Connect your Web3 wallet - MetaMask or Trust Wallet
  3. Deposit some crypto and play games yourself or grab a referral link and share with your audience to start earning crypto.

No sensitive information is required, and withdrawals are instant.

Understanding the Earning Potential

Influencers can earn cryptocurrency by inviting their audience to play games on Rollspace. Through Rollspace’s referral system, influencers receive a percentage of their referred players' earnings. Whenever someone an influencer invites plays and wins, the influencer earns a portion of the profits. Here's how it works:

  • The influencer gets 20% of the points earned by each invited user.
  • Additionally, if the invited user brings a friend to the platform, the influencer receives 5% of that friend's points.


Choosing the Right Games

As an influencer, you want to maximize your crypto earnings. To do that, you should select games that:

  • Appeal to your audience: Choose games that match the interests of your followers.

  • Have high earning potential: Focus on games with lucrative crypto rewards and active player bases.

Popular Multiplayer Games on Rollspace

Below are our top 3 multiplayer games for influencers to choose from. Each game offers a unique experience and earning potential, allowing you to attract and engage your audience while boosting your crypto earnings through the Rollspace referral program:

  • YOLO: A thrilling game where players compete in a high-stakes environment. As an influencer, you can earn more crypto by inviting your audience to join YOLO matches. By sharing your referral link and demonstrating gameplay strategies through live streams or video content, you can attract more players to the game. The more players you bring in, the more you earn from their participation. Checkout our YOLO game detail to get started. how-influencers-can-earn-crypto-with-play-to-earn-referrals-2.png

  • Crash: A fast-paced game where players try to cash out before the crash. Influencers can capitalize on the excitement of Crash by showcasing live gameplay and providing tips on when to cash out for maximum rewards. By engaging your followers with interactive content and hosting live competitions, you can increase your referral earnings as more users sign up and play through your link. Discover more about Crash. how-influencers-can-earn-crypto-with-play-to-earn-referrals-3.png

  • Coin Flip: A simple yet exciting game of chance where players bet on heads or tails. Influencers can attract a wide audience by highlighting the simplicity and thrill of Coin Flip. Create content that features big wins and strategic plays to entice your followers. Each player who joins the game through your referral link boosts your crypto earnings. Learn more about Coin Flip game mechanics to get started. how-influencers-can-earn-crypto-with-play-to-earn-referrals-4.png

Upcoming Multiplayer Games

Rollspace is continuously expanding its game offerings and adding player versus player (PvP) features to all its games. While the play-to-earn games below do not feature head-to-head competition yet, they still offer influencers exciting ways to earn crypto. The key is to showcase gameplay, strategies and winning moments:

  • Limbo: As an influencer, showcase your strategies for earning points without exceeding limits with your followers. When Limbo goes multiplayer, engage your audience to join competitive teams for tournaments and earn rewards based on team performance.

  • Dice: Share your Dice-rolling strategies and highlight wins to attract followers. When Dice becomes multiplayer, organize sessions, run challenges, and crypto earn rewards based on participation.

  • Keno: Provide tutorials and show your Keno winning strategies. In the multiplayer phase, host games, engage your audience, and earn rewards for active play.

  • Plinko: Showcase your ball-dropping techniques and big wins. Once Plinko is multiplayer, engage with followers in real-time through live streams, create competitions, demonstrate the excitement and earn rewards for player engagement.

Benefits for Influencers

Financial Benefits:

  • Earning Crypto Rewards: Influencers earn a share of the trading fees of the game earnings.
  • Long-term Passive Income: Continuous earnings as long as referred players keep playing.

Non-Financial Benefits:

  • Increased Engagement: Promoting engaging games can attract more viewers and followers.
  • Community Building: Creating a loyal fanbase through interactive and competitive games.


Influencers, seize the opportunity to maximize your crypto earnings by showcasing your gaming prowess and engaging your audience on Rollspace. Whether it's strategizing in YOLO, mastering fast-paced Crash, or flipping coins in Coin Flip, there's a game waiting for your unique touch.

Take the first step toward crypto success—Sign up for the Rollspace referral program today and invite your followers to join the excitement. The more they play, the more you earn.

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