How To Get Paid on Kick Streaming with Crypto

Wanna get paid every month and get sustanaible monthly salary in cryptocurrencies such as BNB or ETH just by getting people to play fun games with crypto? Earn each month by putting your views and engagement to work for you.

June 17, 2024
How To Get Paid on Kick Streaming with Crypto

For kick streamers it might be hard to get starting revenue before they are accepted as referral affiliate, so you gotta hustle up in order to get in there so you might spend weeks or months before you get there to start earning salary, so this article is for you if you want to skip all of that struggle and you do have some user base already on kick streaming or Twitch lets put those numbers to work for you.

Provide your kick stream audience and get paid in crypto

Rollspace referral program works in different way, where you can start earning salary in BNB or ETH from day one, only thing you need to do is to use your already connected kick account and add some banners to it where users go trough your referral link to rollspace platform, preferrably you show how you play games on our platform via your streams and in the end you give them your referral link which will enable you to became house and earn portion of fees generated by platform.


3 easy steps how to get paid for streaming games on kick

  1. Connect your wallet on rollspace
  2. Grab your unique ref link on referral page
  3. Have fun playing rollspace games while streaming them provide your link to your viewers and get paid.

In the end of the season streamers that gained the most points are gonna get extra juicy rewards, this way you can get started earning salary for providing your views from first day.


How you can get more points to gain more rewards

  • Invite as much users as you can, either via Kick streaming, or Twich you can also use other social channels as Tiktok, Youtube and so on.
  • The more users that you invited are gonna play, more points for you and you get paid well.

Rollspace is GameFi platform for gamers where streamers get paid in crypto

We provide fun game experience where users can play games against each other, even streamer vs streamer and winner gets its crypto stash. But more importantly we want the streamers that are not getting paid yet really get paid in Binance Coin (BNB) or Ethereum (ETH) for the work they do.

Fun games to stream on kick

  • Yolo is real time wheel, where one guy wins whole prize pot since its multiplayer you can play even against your viewers, play Yolo.
  • Coinflip as you know coin toss game is another game that is fun to play in multiplayer vibes and there is many more fun crypto games you can stream.

Why Rollspace is great place to start for Kick Streamers?

  • No ID or selfies needed from you, just connect your crypto wallet
  • Gaming withdrawals are instant as you interact with smartcontract and we dont control withdrawals.
  • You play pvp (multiplayer) games, which are more fun, unlike singleplayer games against algo.
  • We support streamers, from smallest to biggest ones and we will try to get you guys all together to stream our multiplayer games together so you can grow too.

if this is not enough, feel free to read also more about referral program over here.

There is even more games that are fun to stream it is up to you which one you choose, main point here is you bring your viewers and you get paid in crypto. Start earning by streaming fun crypto games today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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